-Leadership Contacts-

President Dan Neal 208-724-8577  Email: indcopier@msn.com

Vice-President: Jack Rhines 714-269-2909  Email:  jacran1@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Gordon Halsted 208-323-0620  Email:  gdnaj@msn.com

Safety Officer: Jack Rhines 714-269-2909  Email: jacran1@yahoo.com

Newsletter Editor Steven Clements 208-323-1585  Email: sdcodd@gmail.com

Website contact: Virgil Stucker 208-794-0999
Please send any pictures or information that you want added to the website to:
virgilstucker@msn.com  I can build a page just for you and your flying machine if you want me to, or make a link to your website if you have one.